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African Soothsayer Predicts Queen Elizabeth’s Death- Orunmila Prediction


Orunmila Prediction: African spiritual guru Orunmila has predicted that Queen Elizabeth II will die on 8th september 2022. According to Orunmila, who lives in africa and has already made a series of accurate predictions about political events in the region, Queen Elizabeth’s death will be brought on by an illness which requires three surgeries to treat but will ultimately result in cardiac arrest and death.

Queen Elizabeth II: Powerful Voodoo Man Predicted Exact Death Date of British Monarch

It’s been a tumultuous few months for British royalty: first the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a whirlwind tour around the Commonwealth, speculation over whether they would be blessed with a boy or girl, and now an alleged prediction of death by an African soothsayer. An anonymous voodoo man allegedly predicted that Queen Elizabeth II would die at 7pm on 5 February 2021; in precisely sixteen years from now.


How a powerful Vodoo man predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

Orunmila prediction foretold that the queen would die soon. He predicted this not just because he is a powerful Vodoo man, but also because he saw her in his soup. He predicted the death of a woman who looked like the queen and said she would die soon. But when it happened, it was not her at all, but rather another woman with similar features to hers. The truth came out after an investigation into her death by Scotland Yard revealed she had died as predicted by African soothsayers.

Orunmila Prediction-What type of death will she die?

Orunmila predicted that a shock death would await the queen. This type of death is not expected. It could come as a surprise. The mode of transportation could be an unexpected method, such as when someone gets into a car they are not expecting to drive and ends up being in an accident. It may also be unexpected because the person who died was not even intending to go out that day and then ends up getting into some sort of bizarre accident or incident.

Is this the end for her family?

The family of the English Royal family will have some important decisions to make after the demise of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Will they go the succession route? Continue their family line? Or decide not to reproduce and end the bloodline all together? This is not an easy decision for them as there are multiple factors to consider that vary with each passing day.

Queen Elizabeth ii death odds- Queen dies at 96

The royal family is currently mourning the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who died on Saturday October 21 at the age of 95. The Queen, whose mother died at age 101, does not look to be in good health at this time and it may just be a matter of time before she joins her husband in the afterlife. Orunmila predicts that she will die when she reaches the age of 96. A Nigerian soothsayer has told an African newspaper that he foresees her death by natural causes or accidents. Other Nigerian astrologers believe she could die from old age or even illness. A former head doctor for the Nigerian president was asked about his opinion on what may happen with the queen and said: She can easily live up to 100 years old.

Did Nostradamus predict the death of the owner of the British crown?

Orunmila, a famed African soothsayer from the Yoruba people, recently revealed that she has predicted that Queen Elizabeth II will die in 2022. In her dream, Orunmila saw the queen lying on a bed and wearing blue clothes when her dead body was lifted into the sky by three red birds. She also heard singing from men and women who were celebrating around the palace. The birdmen took their wings off before they flew away with the queen’s body up to heaven.

Reason of death of Queen Elizabeth iI

Orunmila prediction about the death of Queen Elizabeth II to occur on 8th september 2022. The reason for this prediction is that, according to him, she has reached the age of ninety-four and has not been shown any interest in continuing her reign. In his opinion, after her death there will be no one who will be able to rule with authority and bring prosperity as much as she did in recent years
In conclusion, he predicts that by 2030 Africa will be fully integrated into a world economy which will also come under its control.

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