Men's Journal: Health, Adventure, Gear, Style

Men’s Journal: Health, Adventure, Gear, Style

Get the latest in health, adventure, gear and style from Men’s Journal, the leading men’s lifestyle brand covering food, fashion, fitness, culture and travel. From advice on going gluten-free to what to pack in your go bag, we cover the stuff that matters most to men—and get them inspired along the way. We’ve written over 1000 articles on a wide range of topics to help you become your best self.

The magazine

Men’s Journal is the world’s largest magazine dedicated to men and their lives—providing trusted information to help guys be better husbands, fathers, brothers, and businessmen. At the intersection of culture and commerce for more than 25 years now, Men’s Journal provides a voice for the average guy who works hard but also wants his life to have meaning.

Each issue brings you actionable insights into how you can improve your lifestyle in these four critical areas: health, adventure, gear, and style.

Cool men’s gear

Men are always on the go and need to be prepared for all their challenges. The New Men’s Journal has come out with the perfect stylish solution for men on the go. Everything you need is in one place; work out apparel, outerwear, clothes to wear in your downtime.

Health for men

Managing your health can be tricky—dieting and exercise have historically been seen as women’s domain. Research in recent years has shown that men are more susceptible to obesity than ever before, putting them at risk for a whole host of deadly diseases. Men need to take an active role in their health by eating better and exercising regularly.


We know that everyone who reads Men’s Journal isn’t a guy, but we do think that the dudes who happen to be reading this magazine are awesome. You guys are what make us go. You’re the core of everything we do. When it comes to stories on anything from health and fitness to adventures to gear and style, we cover it for you.

Men’s health gear guide

If you’re an outdoorsy guy like me then you know that there are so many essential pieces of gear that you need to have on hand. And while it’s nice to have a full chest of drawers in your office to store all your supplies and clothes, the thought of carrying everything around with you makes the prospect seem far less appealing. So how do you make sure you always have what you need without being weighed down? Here are four key items every man should keep on him at all times

n s journal health adventure gear style

As the leading magazine for men who love their adventure fix, Men’s Journal will bring you fresh gear picks, stories from athletes and explorers on the trail of new adventures and every-day solutions to man-in your-life dilemmas. For 150 years we’ve pushed boundaries; now we’ll help you figure out how to push your own. Jumping off a building into the deep end? Sure! We’ll equip you with everything from custom training plans to nutrition advice. Eating enough calories while still maintaining your daily activity level? Done! Follow our step-by-step guides and watch as weight melts away. In a relationship where both partners work all day but are struggling to find time together?


The digital product is a collection of stories by real men that are determined to live a healthy and adventurous life. Our mission is to promote this lifestyle as an attainable reality for all men. To achieve this, we need input from YOU – our readers! Please take the time to fill out our Reader Questionnaire so we can provide you with the most valuable content possible.

health and fitness-Mens journal

Men’s Journal is the ultimate guide to living your best life. Discover the newest workouts and nutrition plans that will help you live longer and healthier. Journal health adventure,gear style offers a vibrant mix of outdoor adventure sports, features on fashion and style for both work and play, conversations with today’s top athletes and hard-hitting investigative reporting from one of America’s leading men’s media brands. Men’s Journal also presents original digital video programming, short films, 360° videos and in-depth blog posts all designed to get you into the game.

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The Men’s Journal is a lifestyle magazine that has been serving up masculine ideas and advice since 1988. They offer a variety of articles on health, fitness, adventure and gear as well as style.

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Mens Journal is the oldest and most-revered men’s publication in America. It reaches an ever-growing number of like-minded men who share a passion for adventure. Every issue offers expert advice on health, fitness, travel and style – plus everything they need to live life to the fullest


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