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Best ADA Toilet Paper Height: How to Find the Right Holder


ADA Toilet Paper Height: Not all of us are fortunate enough to have our own bathrooms, and if you live in an apartment or dorm room, you probably share a bathroom with several other people. This can mean an awkward encounter each time one of your roommates needs to use the bathroom, but if you take measures to keep the right ADA Toilet Paper Height, everyone can share the space more easily. It’s important to consider the ADA height of your toilet paper when choosing the right holder, because not all holders will work with all types of toilet paper.

How To Find The Right Holder?

It’s important that you find a toilet paper holder that is both functional and ADA compliant. Check if your toilet paper holder is too high or too low by adding one roll of toilet paper to it and check whether the end of the toilet paper rolls is touching the floor.


What Is Considered ADA Compliant?

ADA compliant is important when purchasing things like handicap sinks, handicap showers, and toilet seats. ADA compliance means that a product meets the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. The ADA says that when it comes to stalls in public restrooms, at least one stall must be equipped with a grab bar on each side of the toilet. They also need to have a designated space in front of the toilet so someone can transfer from their wheelchair or mobility device onto the toilet seat.

Why do we care about height?

It is important for a paper towel dispenser to be set at the proper height so that it does not make it difficult for people with limited reach. This, in turn, will affect how often people have to stretch or strain their backs.

What is meant by ADA compliant paper dispensers?

The ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act is a law passed in 1990 in order to ensure that people with disabilities are able to go about their day without restrictions. One of the key components of this law is that it requires businesses, public facilities, and other places of accommodation be accessible for people with physical disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act does not make specifications on paper dispensers. It does however require disabled individuals have easy access and safe use of products intended for personal hygiene.

Dimensions Of A Single Toilet Bathroom- ADA Toilet Paper Height

The law requires that ADA compliant toilet paper holders should be within reach of 18 inches from the back of a WC and about 34 inches above floor level. The best holders for your home would provide a holder that is between 13.5 inches to 17.25 inches from the wall, and 28.5 inches or higher off of the ground, making them easily accessible while sitting down.

Types of holders – all-in-one, plunger, double roll holder and wall mount

Wall mount holders are a great choice for families with children and for those who have limited counter space. Plunger holders offer an out-of-the-way solution to mounting a holder onto your toilet tank, but they don’t offer any storage. Double roll holders are one of the most common styles available, as they come with one side that’s designated just for toilet paper while the other can hold extra rolls or dry tissue boxes.

ADA Compliant Requirements For Vertical Space In Restrooms

This is a law, so it’s not just about being an accommodating business–you can get in trouble for not complying with ADA. The ADA toilet paper height must be positioned at least eighteen inches from the ground. Ideally, you’ll want to provide a taller holder that allows for even more space between the top of toilet paper and bottom of sink.

Plunger vs. Drop Arm

Some commercial restrooms use a plunger-style toilet paper holder, which requires sitting on the seat to use. Other restrooms have a drop arm style, which can be installed and accessed from all angles. Drop arm holders are usually adjustable so that they can be placed at varying heights for people of different heights. A single person with good hand dexterity should not need assistance installing this type of holder in their own home. For those who struggle with installation or limited hand strength, you may want to enlist the help of a friend or professional contractor.

Double Roll vs. Individual Roll Holders

Both of these holders offer advantages and disadvantages. Double roll holders usually can accommodate more toilet paper, but take up more space in the bathroom. Individual roll holders are designed to save space, but only provide a single roll of toilet paper, so they require frequent refills. We recommend placing a holder on either side of your toilet and using whichever one you need at that time or alternating between them when you need to stock up on tissue.

Handicap Toilet Height

The ADA toilet paper height is 19-1/2 inches from the finished floor. This distance should be sufficient so that a person in a wheelchair can reach the toilet paper without having to use an inaccessible grasping device like a cloth. In addition, it’s important to make sure there’s enough room between the grab bar and the back of the toilet. Grab bars need at least 16 of clearance behind them, which means that if you’re installing a grab bar on your own, you’ll need at least 32 of space on either side of it.

The PAPERLIFE Dispenser

This ADA toilet paper height holder is height-adjustable, sleek, and durable. It has an anti-slip rubberized base that holds it firmly in place, and it folds up for easy storage. A top priority of this dispenser is safety–it is designed with a mechanical auto-shutoff that turns off the paper when hands are less than 18 inches away. This low maintenance design and ADA Toilet Paper Height is perfect for even those who live alone and can’t depend on help when nature calls.


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