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Bmo Harris Express Pay: The New Way to Get Paid Faster


The BMO Harris Express pay mobile app just got even better! Thanks to our Express Pay option, you can now send and request money quickly and easily using your smartphone. Here’s how it works – after installing the app, simply enter your Visa® Debit card information and you can start sending money to anyone with an email address or mobile number in minutes.

To request money, simply choose Request Money from the menu. The person you are requesting from will receive an email message with their request and instructions on how to pay you back within the next business day.

How Does BMO Harris Express Payment Work?

When you sign up for BMO Harris ExpressPay, customers can pay back your invoices through our secure website. You’ll be able to track the status of all payments received through the site and receive real-time notification when they are received.
1. Sign up for a BMO Harris ExpressPay account with the associated service provider where the customer has an account – credit card, bill pay, or checking account

2. Request payment online and provide a copy of the invoice

3. Approve the request

4. Receive funds into your account without delay and without having to share bank information.

What to do if bmo harris express loan pay not working?

In the event that you experience an error message on the BMO Harris ExpressPay website, it is advised that you close all browsers and reopen them. If the issue persists, contact customer service at 888-241-2273 or via Live Chat on the BMO Harris website.

What is express loan pay?

Express loan pay is an innovative new service that enables small business customers of BMO to get paid faster. So, if you have invoices due before the end of the month, you can use BMO’s express loan pay service and we’ll send funds directly to your bank account. What are some benefits?: It helps businesses grow by getting them paid quickly and helps customers avoid costly penalties for late payments.
Is it really that simple?: Yes! If you’re approved for our express loan pay service, it only takes a few minutes to set up and then all you need to do is enter a payment amount each time you want to make a deposit into your account.

bmo harris online banking

You can now access your BMO Harris Direct Checking account and pay bills from the comforts of your home. You don’t need a computer either – it all happens in-app! That means you can manage your day-to-day banking, transfer money, pay bills, buy things on eBay and more, all while sitting on your couch with just the use of an internet connection. One of our top benefits is how quick and easy it is to make payments.

Bmo harris loan payment online

You can now get your paycheck deposited the same day you work with BMO Harris ExpressPay Your employer and payroll provider must be participating in the program, so check with them before signing up! This new service offers convenience and security by providing an additional layer of protection to your sensitive personal information. Plus, all you need is a smart phone, a minimum balance in your chequing account, and go-ahead from your bank’s customer care.

What Do I Need To Start?

To sign up for BMO Harris express pay, all you need is a debit or credit card. With this service, it takes only one day after the transaction has processed for your money to arrive in your account. For businesses, this service saves time and money. Plus, there are no fees associated with the service whatsoever.
Here are six reasons you should sign up for BMO Harris express pay today.

  • It offers increased flexibility as well as increased safety because you never have to disclose your bank information over the phone or internet.
  • You’ll get more out of every paycheck because customers can purchase what they want right away instead of waiting until their next payday.
  • In addition, clients will appreciate how simple it is to use our service which simplifies and streamlines the whole process by doing all of the heavy lifting on our end.
  • There’s also an option for automatic payment where we take care of the bill-paying process so that people don’t forget to make payments. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

What Forms of Payment Can I Accept?

You can accept deposits and withdrawals through Direct Deposit, Interac e-Transfer, wire transfers, cheques or pre-authorized withdrawals. As a BMO Bank of Montreal customer, you are automatically set up to accept e-Transfers, with the exception of government benefits payments.

How long does it take for a check to deposit BMO Harris?

A check can be deposited at a BMO Harris branch and credited immediately. But, if you want the funds in your account faster, then it’s best to use BMO Harris ExpressPay or any other form of electronic payment like PayPal. With Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) transactions, you’ll see the money appear in your account right away – as long as there are no processing issues or holds on the deposit.

Where Can I Use BMO Harris ExpressPay?

Think of your most recent purchase. Did you swipe a debit card? Did you pay with a check? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely that BMO Harris FastPay is already an important part of your life.

How Do I Register as a Merchant on the Card Network?

Registering as a Merchant with the Card Network is easy! Simply go to the BMO CardNet website and follow the instructions. When registering, please provide us with your business name, address and contact information. Once we’ve validated your application you’ll receive an email confirming that your Merchant ID has been assigned. This ID will act as your electronic signature on behalf of your business when submitting electronic transactions.

What Is My Contact Information Used For?

An easy way for small businesses and their customers to get paid is by using the Bmo Harris Express Pay mobile app. With just a few clicks, you can set up an account, securely store payment cards and setup customized security settings. To start getting paid in minutes instead of days, download the app from either the iTunes Store or Google Play.

How is bmo harris express pay Secured, Encrypted and Verified?

Enrolling in BMO Harris Express Pay is as easy as entering your email address, phone number, and PIN code on the BMO app or website. You’ll need a U.S. issued Visa® debit card for security, along with verified identity information. All transactions made using the express pay account are tracked and monitored by Mastercard®’s SecureCode and Verified by Visa programs to prevent fraud.

How Do I Selectively Process Transactions Using Card-on-File Authorization?

Selectively Processing Transactions:

You can also choose to process transactions using Card-on-File Authorization, where you give your customer’s credit or debit card number so that the bank authorizes transactions. This process is especially handy when customers want the convenience of using a credit card but they don’t want us to store their credit card information. For example, if you sell food products, you may want to offer cash or check payment options for bulk orders so that your customers have time to get the money from their accounts.


The BMO Harris Express Pay service is the latest in a long line of innovations designed to meet customer needs. In this era of automation, the bank is responding with efforts that help its customers save time, money and stress by getting paid quickly when they need it.

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