Node Js Tutorial For Beginners

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Node.js is a server side technology which use javascript language. Objective of node.js is building scalable event-driven application. 

Node.js is responsible for server side web application logic. The people who is working with node.js usually develop back-end component, Connect application with web service and support front-end component(angular js) to integrate front-end application with Node.js application.

What is Node.js ?

Node.Js is basically written in C++ language but it uses javascript as interpretive language for server-side to process request and response. Main advantage is programmer can use their javascript knowledge to start  coding with node.js more easily.  JavaScript always live in browser but Node.js allows  you run javascript code in backend, outside of a browser.

Why use of Node.js ?

Now a days web application is based on state-less request and response. In that case developer ensure the state of web session , With the node js application you can work in 2 way communication and real-time application.  Here state is maintained so client or server both can start communication.

Node.s uses asynchronies programming , This is the biggest feature of node.js , Let’s take real scenario for that feature, if any request handle by node.js for I/O operation. Node.js will not wait for that operation , It will process this request in back-ground and handle next request .

Latest version :- Node.js 6.9.4  (compatible npm version is 3.10.10)

Install Node.js    Learn Node.js


What you will get from this course :-

  • This course is very good source for beginner , you can get knowledge to develop node js application from that cause.
  • You can learn Structure of node js modules.
  • Get a knowledge of how to use nam and manage with node js packages.
  • You can also get knowledge to build web server in node and how it actually works.

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