Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

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Are you looking for the Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins?. But why, because For the visitors, contact form is one of the most essential part of the website conversion process, what other options site visitors have to get in touch with us?

Are you confused and looking for the best WordPress Contact Form Plugins? As there are massive number of free and premium WordPress Contact Form Plugins in the market, finding the correct plugin for your site is so tedious & difficult job. After researching a lot, in this article we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress contact form plugins which are as follows.

How to find “WordPress Contact Form Plugins”

Want to make the plugin selection process easier on yourself? Think what exactly you want which matters most to you based on it narrow down your choices.

  • Skills requirement: Ease to use and shouldn’t be a problem with most other contact form plugins and if you’re planning to hand over the control of your site to a client, it will be more better if the usage of plugin is simpler with easier embedding options.
  • Multipurpose functionality: It should be flexible enough as the different types of websites require different styles of contact forms (For Eg : Donation acceptance , inquiry forms, newsletter subscription, etc.)
  • Integration: If you are planning to capture leads, process payments, subscribe new members, and so on with the help of contact forms then Third-party integration’s is one of the very essential thing which you should keep in your mind
  • Cost: Sometimes all the time you won’t find the WordPress plugin directory which is free, in that case you have to resort to paying for a premium one.
  • Support: This is one of the very important and a must for any plugin. Without getting regular support and updates from the plugin developer, you really should try omitting using that plugin especially when it’s handling something important for your website.

I’m going to share the list of some standard Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins, and let you judge which of these will serve your purpose.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7
Let’s start with the most popular and downloaded free WordPress contact form plugin and if what you are looking for a is a simple contact form solution that still allows you to create a different form types, this is a good one to start with.

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Gravity Form

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular and premium WordPress contact form plugin.

You will get a pretty good idea of what sort of contact forms you can create with a quick glance through the contact form demos on the Gravity Forms website. If your needs are customized and if you’re looking for more power in the form to build-your-own, multi-page, this is one of the best plugin to use.

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Contact Widget

The problem that you may face into the contact form plugins is that they only work when you embed a form code within a post or a page. But what when you want to add form into the widget? Then this is a plugin which can resolve your problem.

This is Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for any WordPress user. Users don’t need to have any knowledge to code nor they have to deal with the embedding of shortcodes. Advanced WordPress users have the ability to customize with CSS.

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Fast Secure Contact Form

Here’s another example of Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin that offers a simple, yet customizable solution which is user friendly. Please pay some attention as this plugin does have a little more to it in terms of add-ons.

This plugin is a step up from Contact Form 7 in terms of what it can achieve. It supports more options for customization. In addition, this plugin integrates with vCita, which can help you to create forms that let you schedule appointments, collect payments, and more.

One difficulty the beginner WordPress users can encounter is that it requires shortcode embedding. There’s nothing too difficult in that atleast a quick tutorial will give a solution, but it’s still something which needs attention if you’re leaving this in the hands of clients.

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Formidable Forms

If you want more flexibility and customization capabilities than Premium contact form plugins are best solutions for you. This plugins also know for creating a user-friendly interface.

If you want to allow your clients to do it themselves or you’re planning to manage these forms for your clients, this is the recommended plugin that covers almost all the things. You can either use custom HTML and some hooks, or you can use the visual styler to drag-and-drop form fields. There is capability of to 30+ field options with conditional logic, this plugin is functionally rich which offers you a wide range of functionality.

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Huge-IT Forms

With the lack of documentation or support there’s always a chance with free plugins that you’ll run into problems. Thanks to, Huge-IT which has provided a 20-minute of video tutorial and extensive screenshots to help any level of users who can get acquainted with this plugin. There is a lot to do it without having to pay, apart from this drag-and-drop builder and field customizer makes this a solid choice for when you want to create a mix form types.

The best thing about this plugin is that, it shows up with a number of pre-made templates which is one of the best things for beginner WordPress users. It doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good option for advanced users, but this is certainly a good choice if you know that your clients want to create or update forms.

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Ninja Forms

If you are looking for a advanced functionality free contact form plugin with premium-level third-party integration? Ninja Forms is the plugin that will help you.

Regardless of experience this plugin works great for any WordPress user. You can make this plugin be as simple or complex as you want with an drag-and-drop builder for beginners and custom HTML editing for developers.

There are a lots of third-party integration’s like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Zoho, PayPal, and Insightly that is supported and comes with this plugin.

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WP Forms

This might be the most expensive contact form plugin on the list as you have to pay in order to use number of their features. If you have any doubt, check for the free “Lite” version of the plugin a try first to see if it fulfills your needs.

Although this plugin is dependent on embedded shortcodes, the interface makes it easy enough to accomplish the user’s familiarity with them.

With the help of this plugin you can process payments, accept donations, subscribe newsletter followers, collect leads, and more. There are endless possibilities with this form builder.

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